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Where did that come from?

Serena Tsukino
30 June
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Name: Serena Tsukino

Year: Junior

♥Mathematics: Algebra II
♥English: American Literature
♥Religious Studies: Church History & Ministry + Social Justice
♥Science: Biology (didn't take one freshman year Different School)
♥Social Studies: U.S. History
♥Foreign Language: Spanish 2 (Failed it last year)

Sport: No sport.

Interesting Stuff About Me: I was forced to come to a catholic school because my parents recently found out about my love affair with Darien who is twenty (I am only sixteen). My parents said that if I didn't go the the private school, I would be disowned. I decided that I didn't want to become disowned so left Darien and moved to Zendora High School, Home of the Dragons...

Favorite Foods: Ice cream, cake, peanut butter and jelly, almost everything

Favorite color: White, pink and yellow

Height: 4'11"

Favorite Animal: Bunny Rabbit

((OOC: Serena was Sailor Moon but when she was forced to leave the Sailor Scouts, Luna erased her mind. She doesn't remember anything about the old world, or about her crime fighting days.))

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